Joint Finance Committee quickly wraps up budget mark-up
Delaware Public Media, Roman BattagliaMay 26, 2021

Members of the Joint Finance Committee finished up the budget mark-up process Wednesday.

Lawmakers squeezed what was expected to be a two week process down into two days, and approved the changes to the governor’s recommended budget Wednesday.

Included in those changes were some lawmakers had been advocating for. State Sen. Elizabeth Lockman (D-Wilmington) secured a little over $10 million in funds for the Redding Consortium recommendations, a group she co-chairs.

$3 million of those dollars will be permanent, while the rest is one-time funding to help get some of the programs off the group, like high-need pre-K and other programs targeted at high needs schools in Wilmington.

Gov. Carney weighs in on marijuana legalization, gun bills and more
Delaware Public Media, Joe IrizarryMay 24, 2021

During “Ask Governor Carney” heard on Delaware Public Media Monday, the governor again voiced opposition to legalized marijuana.

“Look, I just don’t think it’s a good idea.”

Carney wouldn’t say if he would sign or veto legislation currently in the General Assembly if it is passed and sent to his desk.

For Carney, it’s a health issue, noting he was Lt. Gov. when the state passed the indoor smoking ban, and he believes legalizing marijuana conflicts with that.

He also says he remains concerned it can be a gateway to opiods at a time the state is fighting the opiod crisis.