The Delaware State House of Representatives is the lower house of the Delaware General Assembly, the state legislature of the U.S. state of Delaware. It is composed of 41 Representatives from an equal number of constituencies, each of whom is elected to a two-year term. Its members are not subject to term limits, and their terms start the day after the election.[2] The House meets at the Delaware Legislative Hall in Dover.


From 1776 to 1792, the chamber was known as the House of Assembly, a common name for lower houses of colonial legislatures and states under the Confederation. The name was changed by Delaware's 1792 Constitution, reflecting the new federal House of Representatives. This change on the part of Delaware initiated a movement that has resulted in a majority of the lower houses of U.S. state legislatures sharing the name of the federal House of Representatives.


The Speaker of the House presides over the House of Representatives. The Speaker is elected by the majority party caucus followed by confirmation of the full House through the passage of a House Resolution. The Speaker is the chief leadership position of the body. The other House leaders are elected by their respective party caucuses. The Majority Leader determines which bills are brought to the floor for debate from an Agenda prepared by the Speaker of the House and manages debates and floor votes.

Terry Spence (R) was the longest serving speaker in the history of the Delaware General Assembly.

Speaker of the HouseValerie LonghurstDemocratic14
Majority LeaderMelissa Minor-BrownDemocratic15
Majority WhipKerri Evelyn HarrisDemocratic32
Minority LeaderMichael RamoneRepublican21
Minority WhipLyndon YearickRepublican34


Members of the House of Representatives must be citizens of the United States, have lived in Delaware for three years, been a resident of their constituent district for at least one year preceding their election, and must be at least 24 years old by the time of their election.

Current composition

(Shading indicates majority caucus)
November 7, 2018[3]2615410
Latest voting share63.4%36.6%

Current members

1Nnamdi ChukwuochaDemocratic2018WilmingtonNew Castle
2Stephanie BoldenDemocratic2010WilmingtonNew Castle
3Sherry Dorsey WalkerDemocratic2018WilmingtonNew Castle
4Jeff HilovskyRepublican2022Long NeckSussex
5Kendra JohnsonDemocratic2018New CastleNew Castle
6Debra HeffernanDemocratic2010WilmingtonNew Castle
7Larry LambertDemocratic2020ClaymontNew Castle
8Sherae'a MooreDemocratic2020MiddletownNew Castle
9Kevin HensleyRepublican2014TownsendNew Castle
10Sean MatthewsDemocratic2014WilmingtonNew Castle
11Jeffrey SpiegelmanRepublican2012ClaytonKent, New Castle
12Krista GriffithDemocratic2018WilmingtonNew Castle
13DeShanna NealDemocratic2022WilmingtonNew Castle
14Peter SchwartzkopfDemocratic2002Rehoboth BeachSussex
15Valerie LonghurstDemocratic2004BearNew Castle
16Franklin Cooke Jr.Democratic2018WilmingtonNew Castle
17Melissa Minor-BrownDemocratic2018New CastleNew Castle
18Sophie PhillipsDemocratic2022New Castle
19Kimberly WilliamsDemocratic2012WilmingtonNew Castle
20Stell SelbyDemocratic2022MiltonSussex
21Michael RamoneRepublican2008NewarkNew Castle
22Michael SmithRepublican2018NewarkNew Castle
23Paul BaumbachDemocratic2012NewarkNew Castle
24Edward OsienskiDemocratic2010NewarkNew Castle
25Cyndie RomerDemocratic2022NewarkNew Castle
26Madinah Wilson-AntonDemocratic2020NewarkNew Castle
27Eric MorrisonDemocratic2020NewarkNew Castle
28William Carson Jr.Democratic2007SmyrnaKent
29William Bush IVDemocratic2018CamdenKent
30Shannon MorrisRepublican2018CamdenKent
31Sean LynnDemocratic2014DoverKent
32Kerri Evelyn HarrisDemocratic2022DoverKent
33Charles Postles Jr.Republican2016MilfordKent
34Lyndon YearickRepublican2014MagnoliaKent
35Jesse VanderwendeRepublican2018BridgevilleSussex
36Bryan ShupeRepublican2018MilfordSussex
37Valerie Jones GiltnerRepublican2024GeorgetownSussex
38Ronald GrayRepublican2012SelbyvilleSussex
39Daniel ShortRepublican2006SeafordSussex
40Timothy DukesRepublican2012LaurelSussex
41Richard CollinsRepublican2014MillsboroSussex

Past composition of the House of Representatives

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